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Lust - Freya Goodacre

This was my last shoot of 2012 before having an operation on my foot and it was definitely one of the best. My good friend, the beautiful Freya Goodacre is an incredibly talented make-up artist/hairstylist and designed this shoot around the theme Lust. Freya shares my love of vintage style so it's always a pleasure to work with her as we share the same visions. She is so passionate about her work and it really shows. It was my first time working with Dean Feast and he is quite possibly one of nicest and best photographers I've worked with, he made sure the shoot was stress free and enjoyable as well as making sure to get the perfect shots and create beautiful final products. The Freak Show designed and made the extraordinary attire, they are unique, beautiful and things of pure genius using unusual items to make garments, such as human hair and tinsel. As well as clothing The Freak Show design and make stunning wigs as seen in the shoot. PUCE Magazine offered brilliant creative ideas throughout the shoot and is an incredible online fashion, music, film and culture magazine which is well worth a look. Here are some of my favourites. I really hope you guys enjoy this Lust themed shoot with a Gothic edge.

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Owen Melbourne Shoot

 Last week I received a visit from the wonderful Owen Melbourne to do a shoot with film. I love film photography and I've always wanted to do a shoot with it so I was really excited. Owen was brilliant and made it a really comfortable and relaxed shoot, and he even gave me a little lesson about how to shoot with film. Owen's photography is so beautiful, he really has a knack for making simple shots look amazing. If you want to see more of his work please take a look and give him a like!

Here are some of my favourites, enjoy :)

All photos by Owen Melbourne




I know a lot of photographers hate camera phone photos but I think you can get some really lovely pictures with them. You can almost mimic film photography as you get a slight graininess. I took all of these photos with my phone / webcam and I'm pretty please with how they turned out . I used the app pixlr-o-matic to put the leak effect on two of the photos. I hope you enjoy :)


The Asylum

I hope you all had a brilliantly spooky Halloween and to keep with the theme ( although a little late ) I wanted to share with you one of my most recent and insane shoots..literally. I have a passion for all things horror and when Adrian Pini told me the concept of this shoot I couldn't believe how brilliant it sounded and couldn't wait to start . On the day of the shoot I was speechless at the incredibly realistic set that Adrian had built , complete with chains and a cage!  Harri Lawman did a fantastic job making me look manic and also created the beautifully sinister nurses look on the lovely Leonora Langstaff. I had a fantastic time and all of the photographers that shot this were all unbelievably friendly and a pleasure to work with. So here are a few of my favourites I really hope you enjoy :)

Photos by : Biscuits -
                  Bill Martin
                  Keith Murphy
                  Abhijat Saraswat
                  Stephen Vause 

Photos taken by Biscuits -

Photos taken by Bill Martin

Photos by Keith Murphy

Photos taken by Abhijat Saraswat

Photos by Stephen Vause 



Black and White

 When I was younger I would put every photo in black and white because I thought 'everyone looks better in black and white ' this was probably because of the illusion of even skin , white teeth etc and as a self concious teenage this was like a magic wand ( as was putting everything in extremely high contrast) I do still really love black and white but not for all the same reasons . I love how it can completely change a photo, bring out even more detail and create a different mood . I find black and white pictures more interesting to look at . Here are a few black and white photos . Enjoy :)