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The Asylum

I hope you all had a brilliantly spooky Halloween and to keep with the theme ( although a little late ) I wanted to share with you one of my most recent and insane shoots..literally. I have a passion for all things horror and when Adrian Pini told me the concept of this shoot I couldn't believe how brilliant it sounded and couldn't wait to start . On the day of the shoot I was speechless at the incredibly realistic set that Adrian had built , complete with chains and a cage!  Harri Lawman did a fantastic job making me look manic and also created the beautifully sinister nurses look on the lovely Leonora Langstaff. I had a fantastic time and all of the photographers that shot this were all unbelievably friendly and a pleasure to work with. So here are a few of my favourites I really hope you enjoy :)

Photos by : Biscuits -
                  Bill Martin
                  Keith Murphy
                  Abhijat Saraswat
                  Stephen Vause 

Photos taken by Biscuits -

Photos taken by Bill Martin

Photos by Keith Murphy

Photos taken by Abhijat Saraswat

Photos by Stephen Vause