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Black and White

 When I was younger I would put every photo in black and white because I thought 'everyone looks better in black and white ' this was probably because of the illusion of even skin , white teeth etc and as a self concious teenage this was like a magic wand ( as was putting everything in extremely high contrast) I do still really love black and white but not for all the same reasons . I love how it can completely change a photo, bring out even more detail and create a different mood . I find black and white pictures more interesting to look at . Here are a few black and white photos . Enjoy :)



Isobel Hind Couture

This shoot was the first shoot I ever did for the incredibly beautiful handmade couture wedding and red carpet jewellery from Isobel Hind Couture. I had such an brilliant day with the lovely Samantha of Isobel Hind Couture, the amazing photographer Jeanie Isobel, the fabulous make-up artist Tori Harris and the stunning Robynne Haynes. The whole team worked so well together and the breathtaking venue helped to set the scene. Narborough Hall is one of the most gorgeous places I've ever seen and I think everyone wanted to get married there in the end (its a wedding venue). The owner was really friendly and made us all feel as home. I loved this shoot and I just wanted to share some of the high res pics from it with you. The shoot was also featured on the wonderful lovemydress blog!!