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Owen Patrick shoot

A few weeks back I got to shoot with one of my favourite people again. The first shoot I did with Owen was brilliant, he is such a cool and laid back guy and so easy to chat to that I instantly feel relaxed. I really loved the results from the first shoot we did and when he asked me to shoot again I jumped at the chance! We went to some stunning locations, first being some beautiful woodlands next to a mausoleum, next was a lovely white bridge over a stream and lastly in the most wonderful pine forest. Owen really did find the perfect locations and I had such a great day shooting with him. I absolutely adore the results, as usual Owens work looks dreamy and effortless. I was even lucky enough to receive some prints of these amazing photos and I hope to work with Owen lots more in the future! Here are some of my favourites, I hope you like them :)



Woodland wedding

A few months ago on a lovely warm summer's day I got to venture into some beautiful woodland and take part in an ethereal animal inspired marriage ceremony (staged of course). The utterly gorgeous headwear was made by the lovely Natalie Ellner of Ellsewhere. Natalie is an extremely talented artist who created these wonderfully realistic headpieces. She creates bespoke head wear and accessories that are truly breathtaking, and with the likes of Kate Winslet as clients you know she must be good! I wore a Charlotte Garrat dress who creates "one of a kind wedding dresses for inspired brides using only the finest fabrics and couture techniques", it was so comfortable all day and fitted perfectly. The makeup and hair looks were created by the amazing girls from Face Addict Hair Junkie. They were absolutely wonderful, creating perfect looks to compliment the shoot and also being so lovely. These fantastic photos were taken by awesome Loukia. She was brilliant to work with, going out of her way to get the perfect shots (I think I even remember a ladder being involved!). I think she has captured the feel the of shoot perfectly with beautiful soft lighting and colours making it seem very enchanting and magical. It was a delight working with all the models, e all clicked instantly and got on so well as a group which made the shoot even more fun. Here of some of my favorite photos from the shoot, more can be seen and more info on the shoot and other models can be found at



Mod Dolly!

Over the past few weeks I have been working with the wonderfully talented Amy He of Mod Dolly ! I absolutely adore the quirky vintage style clothing and I can honestly say there wasn't even one item of clothing that I didn't want to sneak into my bag and take home . Amy has such beautiful taste and each piece is the perfect colour, shape, pattern and fit .I am thrilled and honored to be a part of the new launch of go and take a look ! For the Lookbook photo's I worked with a fantastic photographer who 's work I have admired for a while. Hanna Kristina was so lovely and instantly made me feel as ease, I love how she shoots and all the colors and lighting always look sensational.Whilst being an awesome photography Hanna also created a mini film to showcase the Winter collection. Here are a few of the photos from Mod Dolly's Winter collection lookbook , more can be seen at