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Owen Patrick shoot

A few weeks back I got to shoot with one of my favourite people again. The first shoot I did with Owen was brilliant, he is such a cool and laid back guy and so easy to chat to that I instantly feel relaxed. I really loved the results from the first shoot we did and when he asked me to shoot again I jumped at the chance! We went to some stunning locations, first being some beautiful woodlands next to a mausoleum, next was a lovely white bridge over a stream and lastly in the most wonderful pine forest. Owen really did find the perfect locations and I had such a great day shooting with him. I absolutely adore the results, as usual Owens work looks dreamy and effortless. I was even lucky enough to receive some prints of these amazing photos and I hope to work with Owen lots more in the future! Here are some of my favourites, I hope you like them :)


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