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Black Water

Today I did this quite Gothic shoot , we filled the bath with black paint and it looked awesome ! I'm really happy with how these photos turned out , I hope you like them :)

Photography- Keith P





Vingi Wong

A few weeks ago I got to do the most colourful and crazy shoot ever! Vingi Wong has created some of the most amazing and interesting pieces I have ever seen . She has used vibrant colours , insane shapes and loads of fantastic textures to make these avant-garde pieces. The detail is astounding and I was constantly finding new little features I hadn't seen before . I loved the jelly shoes that Vingi had lovingly decorated to match each separate look ,they were so comfortable I'm definitely going to get some ! All of the pieces were surprisingly comfortable to wear we even sat down for coffee in them. Vingi was so sweet and her passion for designing really comes across when talking to her .

IM Studio are the wonderful photographers for this shoot , they were truly fun to work with , giving brilliant direction and producing these awesome photos. They were so friendly and made this shoot easy and enjoyable .

The lovely Erin Kristensen created these fun and quirky looks , she was so friendly and helpful telling me all about the products she was using . I loved the colours she chose for the lips and the hair really complimented the kooky and cute theme of the garments. Erin was so professional constantly on hand for touch ups and make-up changes doing them quickly but perfectly . I really enjoyed working with her .

The other model you see in the photos is the cool Finlay Parfitt, she was really nice to work with giving me loads of advice on how to use Instagram ( which I'm still trying to use ) you can follow her here-

I'd love to work with all of the team again and I hope you enjoy the pics :)

Photography: IM Studio
Makeup and Hair: Erin Kristensen
Designer: Vingi Wong



Fiona Harrison: Graduate Atelier Designer Collection

 Last month I had the pleasure of working with the most amazing team; the dream team. Fiona Harrison has created some absolutely beautiful pieces with gorgeous flowing shapes and stunning eye catching colours. Fiona's collection was recently showcased at Graduate Fashion week! Upon seeing the garments I couldn't quite believe they had been hand made, they were unreal! Fiona was so lovely and really humble about her immense talent.

The incredible make-up and hair was created and styled by the wonderful Lauren Elle Hards. Lauren was great to work with, giving me awesome tips and advice whilst doing my make-up. She was so friendly and chatty instantly putting me at ease and creating a relaxed atmosphere.

I was over the moon to be working with the one and only queen of photography Rachel Abraham! I always adore her work and because she has such a fun and friendly personality it's like working with an old friend. The day shooting in Islington was fantastic and the whole team clicked instantly. I really can't wait to work with Fiona, Lauren and Rachel again! Here are some of the photos from the shoot, I hope you enjoy :)

Designer: Fiona Harrison